We believe in living life full. To the Brim, in fact. That's why we're here. We want your event, evening, or wedding to be full of joy and love, but we hope even more that it will be part of an incredible, full life. So come spend an evening with us. Gather around a table. Laugh with the ones you love. Make memories. Because it's our desire that you'll always leave our space filled to THE BRIM.

Why offer free weddings?
These days, the typical cost of a marriage is $29,858. That means that so many couples who want to have a wonderful, beautiful day celebrating their new life together simply can’t afford it. It is our deepest desire that no couple would have to go into debt just to have a nice wedding, so we’re giving them another option. Because couples shouldn’t have to take out a mortgage to tie the knot. Because brides shouldn’t be up all night stressing about every penny while wedding planning. And because we believe in living life full.

About Us

We're Aaron and Kelsie. Six and a half years ago, we said "I Do" and started our own journey into marriage. Between making a house a home, bringing two kids into the world, enjoying numerous travels, and starting a business together, our life together has been quite the adventure- and we're just getting started. We believe marriage matters, and that it is hard, worthwhile work that should be a whole lot of fun too. We're passionate about marriage and helping others invest in theirs. 

Aaron and Kelsie 
Owners and Managers

Behind THE BRIM 

The story behind THE BRIM is a crazy series of amazing and life-changing events, which is one reason we're so passionate about throwing them. If you'd like to read more about the unbelievable way THE BRIM came to be,

read the BEHIND THE BRIM series. 

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