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Reception Space

It's time to celebrate.

Reception Space View From the Parking Lot at The Brim

If you want to get married at THE BRIM, check out our packages for all the pricing details, including our optional "Early Access Package" to the Reception Space. Interested in finding out how you can support THE BRIM, and make free weddings a reality for those starting the journey of marriage? Click here. 

Reception Space View From the Outdoor Ceremony Space at The Brim
Main room in the reception space
Main room in the reception space

The Story

After hosting hundreds of receptions in a wedding tent, we realized it was time to build the reception space. The same architect who designed the chapel, Marley Porter, came back to dream with us. His firm is based in Austin, Texas, and is truly world renown. The chapel is the jewel on the property. Perched on the highest spot, the chapel's bell towers loom 35 feet in the air. The reception space will be 22 feet at its highest point, and for good reason. We want the chapel to remain the focus. With roof of the reception space sloping in the direction it is, it pays homage to the chapel, bowing in reverence, honoring the space where the marriage begins. This building is humble and eager to compliment the chapel on the hill. 

Marley Porter drawing the new reception space
A side view of the vision for the new reception space

The Details

The Brim Reception Layout

The reception space is simple and refined: blacks and whites, timeless, elegant simplicity. Meant to match the chapel, it has six identical garage doors that, when opened, allow guests to flow out onto the large covered patio and onto the grass. The main room is fully climate-controlled, 40 feet by 80 feet in size, and can comfortably hold up to 150 people seated around tables. An optional built in sound system can be rented, and there is complimentary downlighting in any color you choose. You'll get seven hours of access from 3:30-10:30pm, which includes set up and tear down time of any decor, with most ceremonies occurring at 5pm and receptions ending at 10pm. (We set up tables and chairs before you arrive.) After your outdoor or chapel ceremony, guests will head to this space to enjoy the gorgeous views and amenities.

The main door into the space is grand: a ten foot tall double iron door is inviting for giants. We believe marriage matters and, once fostered and strengthened, giants will need a place to enter.


The restrooms have both an interior and an exterior entrance. If there is a ceremony or cake and toast happening in the chapel that is not utilizing the reception space, those guests will still have access to restroom facilities. (Other events will not be taking place during evening full receptions, so only your guests will utilize the restrooms during your reception.)The stalls are all unisex and the hand-washing is a shared space. 

The Prep Room is intended for vendors to have a space to utilize while serving guests. The space will include a commercial grade fridge, food warmer, ice-machine, ample counter space, and a small sink. (Not intended to rinse foodware, and no cooking, only prep please.)

Off of the Prep Room, there is also a bar area that opens up to the main room. If our bar package is not purchased, then that area will not be utilized and will be closed off. 

The Bride's Room is intended to be a space for the family, bridal party, or whoever you desire. You will have a special access code to share with those you choose. You could use it to get ready in, store items during your event, or simply retreat for a small break when needed. There is an exterior entrance and a door leading into the main room. There is not an additional "Groom's Room", but you are welcome to send them to the chapel as needed if attempting to keep them separate prior to the ceremony. Rental includes access during your time slot, with optional early access if desired. Check out all of the package, pricing, and optional add-ons details here!



The Heart

Our business model and reception packages may look a little different than most wedding venues- we get it. We believe in starting with the basics and letting you add what you need, because not everyone needs everything we could include in a big package. We want couples to invest in not just their wedding day, but also their marriage. Because of this, we avoid full day rentals that block the use of the chapel earlier in the day, because it alienates couples who are looking for our free (yes, free) and affordable options. We also offer free premarital workshops! The truth is, we don't want to be just a wedding venue. We want to be a campus for marriage. In the future, we hope to add a tasting room to our property, so you can come out and have a glass of our wine, check out your Anniversary Brick, and remember the day you got married. Date nights, anniversaries, marriage retreats, and more- we've got big plans and dreams and we're taking one step forward as we continue to watch them come to fruition. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us. 

Reception Space Porch
Reception space restroom
Bridal room couch
Bridal room makeup counter and mirror
Main room in the reception space

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