Living life full


We believe in living life full. To the brim, in fact.


A longing, a letter, a leap. An email, a meeting, a master plan.

One thing led to another, and a dream became a reality.

We believe that weddings should be affordable. 

 We believe  that marriage matters.

We believe in living life full.

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We're ready to host the wedding 
of your dreams.
Tent Reception
Tent Reception

Rudeen Handcrafted Ceramics and Photography

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The Brim Chapel Exterior
The Brim Chapel Exterior

Lacey Rene Studios

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The Brim Chapel Interior
The Brim Chapel Interior

NKG Imagery

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Nestled on 16 acres of rolling hills and open green fields, The Brim is Kansas City's most affordable wedding venue. With free wedding options, a drive through the trees, and a wedding chapel perched on the top of the hill, The Brim is ideal for any event in any style you desire. The perfect mix of country beauty and convenient highway access, just minutes from both downtown Kansas City and the KCI Airport, we're ready for you to come live life full to the brim with us.
*New Reception Space Coming June 15th, 2023.