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Grab the one you love.

No more wondering what you will do for date night. 

Kelsie and I read an article that stated Kansas City was the worst dating city in the nation.

 We disagree. Our city is full of amazing romantic spots and amazing people to share them with-people just need help finding them. And actually CHOOSING how to spend date night once you get it on the calendar? One more thing that makes it a lot of work. 

Enter Romantic Spots.

What is Romantic Spots? has over 360 listings of the most romantic spots in our beautiful city. These listings include everything from parks, elegant dining, bars, murals, and live music, even many of our famous fountains. 


Feeling spontaneous? Take a spin on Date Roulette and let fate decide that next adventure. If you want to do more planning on your own, you can explore any of the areas, maps, or 140 categories.

How did we choose the spots?

That's exactly right. WE chose the spots. Our team visited, searched, and did a tremendous amount of research. Businesses can and never will be able to buy their way onto the website. If there is a business/location that deserves a listing, please go suggest it so we can review it and keep this site fresh.

Is Kansas City the only city?

Nope, Austin and other cities are live as well. And we hope to come to your city, assuming your city is bigger than Laurel, Mississippi and you live somewhere in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, or South America. 

Aaron and Kelsie Speaking

Time for Romance

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