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A beautiful space to begin an even more beautiful life. And you can do it FREE.

front view of wedding chapel

Kansas City's Free Wedding Chapel
If you want to get married at THE BRIM wedding chapel, check out our packages for all the details! Interested in finding out how you can support THE BRIM, and make free weddings a reality for those starting the journey of marriage? Click here. 

Wedding ceremony in wedding chapel

The Story

We saw, that on average, in the Kansas City area there are around 700 weddings that happen at a courthouse. That broke our hearts. Cost (Too expensive) and need (Too big) were the two biggest reasons people were choosing to get married at a courthouse. So we said, "Let's build something small and intimate and give it away for FREE." A pre-planned trip to Austin and a hopeful email led us to meet a couple, who led us to meet an architect. This architect flew to Kansas City and designed our wedding chapel for us- each sketch and each element carefully selected with purpose and special meaning. 

Hand drawing of the chapel by designer
Interior hand drawings of chapel

The Details

Front view of wedding chapel at sunset

Our wedding chapel has space for up to 120 seated guests indoors for a ceremony, and with garage doors open, more could stand or sit under the overhang. The wedding chapel also houses two bells, which can be rung by the bride and groom. The chapel does not have restrooms inside; they are over in the reception space and all of your guests will have access to them from an exterior entrance. 


The Dream

We hope this space will house thousands of weddings as couples start their new life together. We also dream of The Brim Chapel filled to the brim with people celebrating their special events, anniversaries, wedding receptions, and more. Additionally, we love hosting our own Brim events and Veraison: Maturing Marriage courses here! 

Sparkler exit at the wedding chapel
Sunset wedding chapel

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