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At The Brim, you have options when it comes to bar packages.

If you're having a full reception and are serving alcohol, you're required to use our bar services. Absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed on the premises. 

Option 1: Pick a package and we handle it all for you.

These are the no sweat, worry-free packages. We'll handle all of the details so you don't have to. Let us take the calculations and drink management off of your plate. All packages are for 4 hours of service. For these options, we will provide all garnishes, sodas, tonic, juices, etc to make your bar a success. A few things to note:

- Number of bartenders are determined on guest count.

- We will provide water and lemonade for all guests.

- Guests under 21 are $5, and all guests 21 and over are charged the package price. 

- Local sales tax will be added to final bill and optional gratuities given.

*Include Unlimited Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Cranberry Juice, Water, Club Soda, Tonic, and Limes*


Beer - Seltzer - Wine

$22 Per Person


-3 Beers

-Assorted Seltzers 

-5 Wines (Reds, Whites, and Sweet)

Bar Minimum: $1,500


Beer - Seltzer - Wine

House Liquor

$26 Per Person


-4 Beers

-Assorted Seltzers 

-6 Wines (Reds, Whites, Sweet, and Sparkling)

-House Liquors

Bar Minimum: $2,000


Beer - Seltzer - Wine

Premium Liquor

$32 Per Person


-5 Beers + IPA

-Assorted Seltzers 

-6 Wines (Reds, Whites, Sweet, and Sparkling)

-Premium Liquors.

Bar Minimum: $2,500

*If you are wanting a special wine, liquor, or another bar request, reach out and we can work through what it would take to make that possible.

Option 2: You buy your own alcohol and we serve it at your reception. 

Pricing for this option is $10 per person with a $1,000 minimum for 4 hrs of service. You are allowed to provide 3 types of beers, 3 types of wine, and two signature drinks. No kegs, no shots, and no Old Fashioneds. You will buy all of the items necessary for the bar to be successful including all garnishes and mixers. You will drop your bar items off the week of the wedding and we will handle it from there.  This option includes clear plastic cups, ice, stir sticks, cocktail napkins, bartender(s), use of chalkboard menu, and calculator help for how much to purchase. We also serve non-alcoholic drinks, which you purchase. 

Option 3: Have no alcohol at your reception.

Yes, this is an option you can choose. And you won't be penalized for not having it either. We didn't have alcohol at our wedding and do not believe in charging a fee if you do not serve alcohol at your reception. If you do not have alcohol at your wedding, the bar space will be closed off and no access given. You will have access to the prep kitchen and ice machine, but you will manage all drinks, cups, and restocking. No alcohol is allowed onsite with this option- PERIOD.

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