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Aaron and Kelsie

We knew that it would be an extremely poor use of our time to work

towards goals individually. So we chose to do them together.

Between us both, we have 20 years of teaching experience. We

invested ourselves in helping to shape minds. We are highly educated

in understanding what makes the youth of America tick, and we

believe we can see the future because of it.

One thing led to another, and we found ourselves longing for more. So we started to listen and believe there was more. And that’s how The Brim got started. And once again, we became wildly committed to making The Brim a reality. Our adventure has led us down some wild roads, where we have met some amazing people. And we were invited to join an outlet that we believe allows us to help others pursue the things they believe must happen.

We believe the gift of flight is reserved for those who jump.


Like marriage, business is done the best when the owners have unwavering, unflinching, unmistakable commitment.

When we were asked to become Wizard of Ads partners, we were honored. It was an outlet to continue to help others with their own adventures and the things they are committed to.

What is The Wizard of Ads? 

We have 70 partners from multiple countries across three continents. Each partner has their own unique abilities and assets. The one thing that unites us is the unwavering commitment to help small businesses grow. The partnership was founded by New York Times multiple best-selling author Roy H. Williams. If you are a business owner, do yourself a favor and read these books and subscribe to the Monday Morning Memo.

We turn words into magic, and dreamers into millionaires.

Some call what we do marketing. We aren’t sure about that. Our approach to growing business is unlike other marketing firms. We start with gaining a deep understanding of the business. From there we spend time developing a strategy… you know, the plan to grow your business. And we tie our growth to yours. When your income rises, so does ours. And when your income declines, our pay drops as well. We have never experienced that though.

We believe many industries are ripe with opportunity.

We have worked with different businesses. Some include improv companies, retreat centers, heating and cooling, movie production, plumbing, jewelry, and (don’t forget) wedding venues. No matter the business, the principle is still similar:

help businesses tell their story better than they can to as many people as possible, as efficiently as possible.

We work with world-class media buyers.

We believe the right message will always find the right person.

We believe you need a partner, not another employee.

I met Kelsie for the first time in 8th grade. She was singing on stage in front of a crowd and while I noticed her, the opposite wasn’t true. I didn’t know her name, and she certainly didn’t know mine, but later that day I told my mom I wanted to marry her. It would be seven years down the road before I started to pursue her. I spent over a year doing that, with multiple rejections from her, before Kelsie actually agreed to go on a date with me. Everyone around me believed she was out of my league. And to an extent she was and still is. But I knew we had more in common than people realized. I committed myself to not stopping a pursuit of her until she actually saw those things we had in common.

Three days into dating, we both agreed we were working towards marriage together.

We spent six months dating and seven months engaged before we finally said “I do” in the sanctuary of our church. We then headed downstairs to the gym with a very large group of our friends and family to celebrate.

We knew very early on that Marriage Matters. 

Aaron and Kelsie wedding picture

Our Process

Annual Retreat

We will give you a one-hour meeting for FREE over Zoom. At the end, we either mutually agree to move forward, or we wish each other well and part ways. We must warn you, most business owners don’t make it past this step. Our business model does not allow us to work with businesses we do not personally believe in. Remember, our growth is tied to yours.

You pay the upfront fee we’ve assigned to you and sign our contract. We then come to you and spend a day with you, learning everything that we can about you and your business. We then head back home and get to work developing a strategy to grow your business. This portion of the process usually take 1-2 months.

We either meet with you at Wizard Academy or The Brim. Either way, you will need to leave your city and meet with us. We believe it’s crucial to pull you away from your business to discuss its future with you. During this day-long meeting, we reveal to you the overall strategy that we have put together to help grow your business. We show you the most efficient media options and reveal the way we believe will be best to tell the masses your story.

You will now pay us a monthly fee. We execute the strategy and evolve as needed. We typically meet twice a month, analyzing anything that is needed to keep pushing the business forward.

We meet annually either at Wizard Academy or The Brim. During this meeting, we celebrate and reassess the strategy of your business. We adjust our monthly payment based on your growth and we agree on the next steps.

Spend a Day With Aaron and Kelsie

Maybe you don’t have the need for us to be your partner, but you’ve heard of the value we bring to the room. Bring your dreams, your questions, and an open mind. Let’s see what magic we can work up.
If you come to us, the cost is $5,000. This is the perfect option for folks who are looking to potentially start or turn around a wedding venue and are needing some guidance. Send an email to Once the bill is paid a date will be agreed upon, and you will fly to Kansas City, and meet us at The Brim. What the day consists of is never the same: deep discussion, wine and food, magic, tears, and laughter. If at the end of the day you believe you wasted $5,000, we will give you your money back.
If we travel to you for a speaking engagement or seminar, the cost is $15,000, first class travel, and lodging for us both for the night before and after.
It’s time to boom your business. We hope you believe this unconditionally too.
*We absolutely will not work with wedding venues in the Kansas City area.

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