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Let's Grow YourVenue

We grew our venue, and we want to help grow yours.

The reality is that most venue owners struggle to get the right strategy in place to experience the highest levels of growth and accomplishments. Policies, systems, layouts, web presence, attitudes, expectations, the list goes on... and they all affect how profitable your venue is. 

When Kelsie and I won The Pitch's "Best Wedding Venue in Kansas City " with only porta-potties and a 40'x60' wedding tent for receptions, we knew the industry was wildly misled about what the masses actually want for their wedding. The industry is shouting at the top of its lungs that weddings are expensive and must meet certain criteria to be acceptable. We have proven that couples are fed up with the wedding industry's vision for their wedding. The industry is hurting itself by not tending to the actual needs and desires of couples. 

You, as a venue owner, keep getting fed the idea that being listed on a wedding website or paying for more social media ads will ultimately lead to your venue revenue growing and being sustained. Those avenues for "growth" are rat-races that lead to headache and disappointing results.

There is not a silver bullet fix for your venue.


We have never paid a dime to market our venue. And there is a good chance you don't need to either. 


You need partners, like us, in your corner. We have seen it, done it, and are happy to share the wild results from our methods with you. We host hundreds of weddings every year here at The Brim. And we are certain we can help you create the perfect strategy for your business that builds lasting and life-changing results. 

If you want to know more about Kelsie and me, you can check out this page. The reality is that we have spent lots of time helping all sorts of small businesses grow: but we specialize in wedding venues.

We will only work with one wedding venue in every major metropolitan area or their surroundings. We won't compete with ourselves, and want to see a single venue flourish in each area. We believe the best thing you can do is to schedule that FREE 30 minute meeting with us. It's time to grow your venue. 

Email Aaron directly to schedule your 30 minute free session


Our Process

Ongoing Coaching
Annual Retreat

We will give you a 30 minute meeting for FREE over Zoom. At the end, we either mutually agree to move forward, or we wish each other well and part ways. While you are deciding if you like us, we are deciding if we like you. A long-term relationship is our goal. 

If we decide to work together, you choose the next step. You can either come visit us at The Brim for a day or we can come visit you for a day. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Or you could choose to do both. We can explain more of each process over the Zoom. 

If you have chosen for us to visit you, we will put together a summary of actions we believe you will need to take in order to be successful. We are looking for the easiest fixes that provide the biggest benefit. We will meet by Zoom to discuss the summary with you. 

If you decide to, we are available for monthly meetings to continue to coach you. We decide upon a monthly fee, and we will meet with you and continue to keep you guided down the path to success. 

If you decide to do ongoing coaching we commit to meeting with you for an annual retreat to continue to revisit and refine strategy. We will either meet at The Brim or at Wizard Academy in Austin Texas. 

We can't wait to help you grow.

Email Aaron directly to schedule your 30 minute free session

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