Maturing Marriage

We believe marriage matters so much that we think it's important to prepare for it. Every year, we offer FREE optional premarital workshops that help couples prepare not only for their wedding, but also for their marriage. We share a meal, laughter, and real life stories and advice in a setting that allows for private conversation and the pondering of big life issues you'll encounter in your journey as a married couple.

Why does this matter?

Statistically speaking, the divorce rate hovers right around 37% in our country. For couples who go through courses before getting married, that number goes down to 22%. Some couples may go through the course and end up not getting married, and that's okay. We'd rather you make that informed decision sooner, rather than later. These workshops help you prepare for all the ups and downs of marriage. 


What's Included?

We'll meet for a three hour long workshop on a Friday night. You'll receive a meal, drinks, and two premarital course books. The time will be divided into three different sessions, with room for instruction, conversation, and laughter. We do collect a $100 refundable deposit per couple to make sure you're committed. You can choose to pay it forward and donate your deposit, or we'll give it all back after you show up. No strings attached. You will indicate your preferences when signing up for the workshop! 

Can we meet with you privately?

You can. We take on only a few couples each year, for an additional fee. If you're looking for more one-on-one preparation for marriage, contact us with your interest!

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Join us for a 2021 Veraison Workshop- our optional, secular, FREE marriage maturity course. We'll share good wine, laughter, and real life stories and advice in a setting...
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Can't make any of our workshops? 

It happens! We'll miss you, but you can still get your copy of Veraison on Amazon by clicking the book cover below! 

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